About us

The most modern fish facilities in Europe

Our new facilities (improved this year) have more than 2,000 tropical aquariums and 200 marine aquariums. Each aquarium can be monitored separately and each line has its own well so we can have the fish swimming in almost 1,000,000 liters of water. All before being said together with our advanced filtering system help us keep healthy and strong fish. The best in the market.

The infrastructure

 Our Tropical Center with its 1,400sqm exclusively dedicated to fish and plants is located next to ICA’s facilities in Toledo. This allows us to centralize the work and therefore reduce costs, which results in very competitive prices and quality service.

As well as having updated with the state of the art technology on resources automation and control in the market, we have a great team in charge of performing a double checking on all major processes. For example: when it comes to catch the fish in our customers’ orders, the computerized system automatically discards quarantined aquariums… however our fishermen also perform a chromatic marking on those aquariums to avoid human error.


We do not waste a single drop of water thanks to our exclusive filtration system in phases. The result of using the newest technology is a crystal clear water, free of toxic and microorganisms harmful to fish. Our filter cycle is as follows: 

ECO commitment

Ecology is our motto. At Tropical Center we strictly comply with the quotas allocated by the Tagus River Hydrographic Confederation and we do not waste a single drop of water; so much so, that the only water that we discard is that containing medication and we do it for our fish wellbeing. We also have several completely ecological methods to adjust the temperature inside the warehouse, such as the following examples:

  • Biodegradable paint on ceilings: it lowers the temperature in summer because the sun rays cannot go through and in winter, since it degrades to disappear due to the rains, it allows temperatures to rise.
  • Thermal blankets: both in summer and in winter they stabilize the inner temperature without consuming an ounce of energy.
  • Self-managed domes: thanks to the use of several sensors, domes automatically open and close to achieve an ideal atmosphere.

The fish

Our fish are in the best possible conditions for many reasons. We highlight the following:

  1. All new fish arriving at Tropical Center undergo a rigorous quarantine (minimum one week).
  2. The fish are fed with top quality products and besides each aquarium is assigned a diet that varies over the days (fish grow an average of 1 size while at our facilities).
  3. Each aquarium has its own tools to prevent the spreading of diseases and other pests (even fishermen also use methods to minimize these risks).

And that’s not all. Our fish also arrive perfectly at their final destination because we use very efficient work and handling techniques. For example:

  1. Fish that by statistics are more likely to be sold … they are kept under fasting so that they do not defecate during transport and therefore the water is cleaner.
  2. Our fishermen are very quick and careful when fishing (so much so that every fisherman marks his shipments).
  3. All bags before being hermetically sealed are filled with pure oxygen.
  4. Finally, until they leave our facilities, fish remain in a Cold-Room.

The plants

At Tropical Center we not only work with fish but we also work with aquatic plants. These plants, once they reach our facilities, are taken to a room specially conditioned for them.

Our plants have an extremely high value for money. They come in plastic flowerpot-shaped trays that avoid their huddling during transport and therefore they arrive in perfect conditions. Finally: all our plants include labeling with information on how to care for them and their needs.

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